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Global Hospital & Research Institute has an elegantly designed lobby at the ground level that welcomes you to the pleasing atmosphere. A spacious waiting lounge helps you calm your emotional turmoil.


Being the 1st takes a lot of courage and determination in any business. Global Hospital and Research Institute is standing tall on its vision and mission, the very objective of its existence.


NABH Accreditation was another dream come true. Now, Global Hospital & Research Institute is at par with any leading tertiary care hospital in the region

Caring for the health and well being of you and your family.

We Aspire To Provide You and Your Loved Ones With The Best Healthcare Services.

We provide all medical and healthcare services for your whole family, including general check-ups or assisting you with specific ailments.

We align with patients’ needs and formulate individualized medical advice and assistance plans so that we can tend to them with personalized care.

We respond to every medical and healthcare-related query with technical precision in simple terms which makes us one of the best, accommodating, and approachable Multispeciality Hospital in Pune

Dr. Kaustubh V Shendkar

Diabetologist, Consultant Physician

Our expertise revolves around different medical specialties, therefore we fulfill every family member’s health requirements.

Regular visits to the doctor will depend on your age and general health!

We Provide The
Best Medical Care For Your Family!

Welcome to Global Hospital & Research Institute

Global Hospital is a 100+ Bedded NABH Accredited Super Multispeciality Hospital in Pune which provides a spacious environment for all kinds of medical activities. With the use of cutting-edge technology in the treatment of ailments and world-class infrastructure in place, GHRI (Global Hospital & Research Institute) is listed as the best among the other top hospitals in Pune. One of our core principles is to serve patients with care and determination; we provide one of the best infrastructure and medical facilities to all the patients who visit our hospital. Every patient needs proper treatment and personal care, Global Hospital has cutting-edge technology, infrastructure, well-qualified support staff & highly experienced and talented doctors who take care of every patient in the hospital. 

Global Hospital & Research Institute is one of the leading names in the Healthcare Industry and beyond. Considering the location, Global Group Pune could foresee the need for a multi-speciality hospital for the people of Sinhagad road. Hence, the related efforts acquired a distinctive form, and Global Hospital & Research Institute was established to fulfill the healthcare needs of the community. Inaugurated in 2012, it’s been a dream come true project for the esteemed Global Group Pune.

Being a popular metro city, Pune is experiencing a lot of transformation from rapid urban settlement to an increase in the demand for good healthcare services, hence It requires well-established, top-notch quality healthcare services at an affordable cost. Overseeing this the Global Multispeciality Hospital has profoundly qualified medical personnel and professionals to ensure effective healthcare delivery of the highest quality.

At Global Hospital & Research Institute, we are dedicated towards incorporating upgraded medical science in our services through personalized treatments and advanced technology. We are a medical institute with professionals who are accomplished in performing invasive treatments with high-success rates, specialists with vast knowledge who provide clinical advice with precision and nurses who are trained to provide the best care and assistance. Along with being one of the Top Multispeciality Hospitals in Pune, We provide super speciality services to patients where we maintain very high standards when it comes to total patient care.

The hospital’s infrastructure alongside universally benchmarked norms of clinical, nursing, and working conventions are the key components that make Global Hospital & Research Institute (GHRI) the best hospital in Pune for a wide range of medical treatments. An exclusive emergency clinic data system and electronic medical record management assure error-free and advantageous patient records therefore significantly limiting patient waiting time.

Since its inception, “GLOBAL HOSPITAL & RESEARCH INSTITUTE “(GHRI) has always believed that medicine is an act of care and compassion whereby patients, Doctors, and staff are at its core. 

Global Hospital and Research Institute have a sophisticated ICU, an advanced radiology unit, and numerous different medical infrastructure facilities that are solely dedicated to the service of the visiting patients. All the doctors, surgeons and paramedical staff use the latest and best medical equipment in the diagnosis and treatment of ailments. Global Hospital & Research Institute (GHRI) is staffed by the absolute best clinical and administrative personnel available.

We believe in providing quality healthcare service at affordable costs. We always stay up to date and adapt ourselves to the advancement and research and development (R & D) in the health sector as it allows us to serve our patients even better. The range of treatments at Global Hospital is dedicatedly designed to meet the patient’s needs.

The list of treatments available at GHRI (Global Hospital & Research Institute) is mentioned below:

Our Quality Policy

GLOBAL HOSPITAL & RESEARCH INSTITUTE is committed to achieving excellence in medical services through the implementation of healthcare quality standards. This commitment is translated through the implementation of our processes, standards requirements of high-quality affordable, accessible, promotive, and comprehensive healthcare services to the community. This coupled with our experience since 2011, momentum, and tradition shall formulate our “quality concepts” inpatient care. 

The Best Medical And General Practice Care!

Providing Medical Care With Best Infrastructure And Latest Equipments.

Delivering tomorrow’s health care for your family.

Our Speciality Clinics

Every department at Global Hospital has a dedicated team that consists of surgeons, doctors & medical staff, all of them have the experience and expertise to handle any type of situation. 

We have Speciality clinics that are designed keeping in mind the ever-growing need for special and personal care where consistent follow-up is done. All the resources at our Speciality Clinics ensure that patient progress is continually monitored and also ensure that patient wellness is maintained throughout the process. Below is our range of Speciality Clinics.

Meet Our Doctors

Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.

Accessible & Affordable Healthcare Services

The impact of COVID-19 has stressed upon the practice to maintain hygienic surroundings to a momentous extent and as a medical entity we at Global Hospital & Research Institute  have always safeguarded people from unhealthy environments while creating mandatory decontaminating habits in the hospital staff. We aspire to provide sufficient care through dedicating ample time to every individual who approaches us for medical advice and treatment.  All queries are addressed on a priority basis; we have a separate team at reception who oversees any number of inquiries and emergencies that come to the hospital.  

GHRI (Global Hospital & Research Institute) is considered the best hospital in Pune for providing end-to-end accessible and affordable healthcare services to the community. We always encourage our visitors to provide their valuable feedback on the services they take from our hospital. Every feedback is taken very positively and it gives us immense pleasure to serve our patients with humor and kindness. We always try to follow up on the suggestions of our patients promptly.

Global Hospital & Research Institute is conscious of healthy financial planning that helps an individual achieve good health. Being a multispeciality hospital, we have established strong alliances with numerous insurance companies for easier access to medical insurance. We understand that while choosing the best treatment options an individual can have various doubts regarding finance and safety. Our staff responds to every query in an accommodating manner to provide the best assistance to anyone who entrusts Global with medical safety 

As one of the top hospitals in Pune, our purpose is to provide healthcare services to maximum people as this is the reason we regularly organize health camps at the hospital which helps the people to identify their health conditions and the treatment they need. We have an in-house medical store at the hospital which has an abundant stock of medicines that may be required at the time of treatment. We are available 24 x 7 for any type of emergency, accident, or treatment.   

Committed To Build A Positive, Safe, Patient Focused Culture.

Today Global Hospital is recognized as a renowned institution, not only providing outstanding care and treatment but improving the outcomes for all through comprehensive medical research.

Accelerating Discovery And Creating Education!

Our support is not confined to the hospital premises, rather extends beyond the usual in providing unlimited assistance post-treatment. We acknowledge your concerns and make it our moral obligation to respond with authentic advice.

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Our Medical Services

We have put protocols to protect our patients and staff while continuing to provide medically necessary care.

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Feel welcome to contact our friendly reception staff with any enquiry, our doctors will receive your urgent calls.

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The department of Critical care is a well-equipped one with all the modern and state-of-the-art facilities, and is served by well and varied experienced doctors. The Intensive Care Unit at Global Hospital is designed in a professionally encouraging way so that consistent care can be provided for invasive procedures. Our Intensivists work closely with our highly trained team of critical care nurses and therapists to give the best possible care.



It takes a lot to be a part of our team of experts. Whether full-time association or otherwise, the management of Global Hospital is very sensitive and choosy towards appointing any Doctor on board. The tough selection process ensures a qualified team of doctors for patient safety.



Providing quality in the healthcare sector requires special training for the staff. Could it be medico or non-medico, training is compulsory for everyone in Global Hospital and Research Institute.